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We are the Best

Yordan English Medium School is one of the best newly school if not the best school of all, a right place for students to climb their ladder of education and to find their place in history through learning a lot and always making a difference in society. Apart from academic excellence, Yordan School guide students through spiritual path as a part of school vision. We provide spiritual lessons as well as maintaining friendship among students and their facilitators.

Our school provides ICT and musical sessions not only to sharpen our students as part of the future generation but also to provide a way for them to explore their talents and make best of them. Also our school provide non curricula activities like sports to put students in good shape for their academic statue and also weekly debates to mark our students with required confidence to serve their societies. We have the best and suitable environments, teachers and all required facilities to achieve the best.

The Best

Meet the Teachers

Mr. Marlio Joseph
Teaches Science & Maths
Mr. Joel John
Teaches Science & Maths
Mr. Juma Joseph
Teaches Science
Mr. Victor Seni
Teaches Mathematics
Mr. Ponsian Luhangija
Teaches Geography
Mr. Seleka
Teaches Geograph
Mr. Samson Katale
Teaches Music & Swahili Language
Mr. Jacob Mahene
Music Teacher (Producer) & Choir Master
Mrs. Feleshi, Loyce John
B.A in Theology, Teaches CRE
Neema John
B.A in Education, Teaches Social Science
Yulitha John
Teaches Christian Religious Education
Mr. Mpuya Paul
Teaches Science & Mathematics
Mr. Clement Bugalama
Teaches English Language
Mr. Madirisha Mashauri
Teaches Social Science
Mr. Waziri Shipula
B.A in Education Teaches History & Civics
Mr. Silas Ndugulile
Teaches Mathematics, Sports Teacher
Madam Helena
Teaches Baby Class
Eng. Samuel John
Teaches Computer Technology
From Neukirchener Mission - German

Meet the Volunteers

Corrina Hamn
Joadan Bothe
Christoph & Simon
Jack Grascha & Ida Horst
Anna Sophie
Priscilla Strunk