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Christian Education

This is our key identity, We put God first in everything we do and teach Christian Religious Education as part of our curriculum.

ICT Subject

We are among few other schools where you can find Information Technology is taught, and give students a place to practice and explore such knowledge.

Choir (Kwaya)

Students who are talented to sing joins a group of singers (kwaya) and they perform in the church every Sunday - you will love to see this.

Prayer Meetings

Everyday students have a schedule to gather and pray/learn the word of God.


Our school have Music professionals who teach music as part of extra curricula activities.


We have a number of games and competitions, students can play and refresh their mind.

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Animal Farming

Giving only a fish to a child without teaching him the skills to fish is killing his/her ability to fight her/his life. At Yordan Schools, we seek to both give the fish and the skills to fish to our pupils. To realize this goal, we came up with an animal husbandry farm that will not only provide practical training of the kids but also meat and employment to those who will be interested to work in this field after their education.

John Silas, Treasurer

Societal transformation goes hand in hand with projects. And, any project necessitates building. We are committed to bring transformation by building projects in the Shigala area. We welcome well-wishers as well to join us in this high calling work.

Stephen John, Director
Free Education for Orphans

There are a lot of definitions of the word religion. But nothing come close to reality than the definition that a true religion is that cares for the orphans in their affliction. Yordan Schools and partners are committed to live this definition. We sponsor free education to orphans for we believe that of all vast resources humans have been endowed with nothing is essential than an educated human mind. Orphans with educated minds are no longer orphans for they won't lack anymore.

Stephen John, Director
Water Supply Project

Prior to this project in the village, a married woman could spend 3 hours to get 20 litres of water during dry season. But now it takes minutes to just drop at the Yordan Schools to fetch water at the person's fill. Thanks to the well (borehole) drilled by the schools in collaboration with its partners. God gave the schools these blessings to bless others. We plan to extend the supply from the school to residential areas.

John Silas, Treasurer
Excellent Education

We are committed to nurturing pupils in this multicultural environment that is designed to be conducive to broad learning which is soaked in the Holy Spirit of goodness, discipline, and knowledge that will enable us to make most pupils become celebrated leaders in the society. Under the Word of God through Proverb 1:7, we are highly motivated to develop our pupils academically, physically, and spiritually. Our school motto states that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. If you want your child to have an excellent academic experience, Yordan English Medium School is your best choice.

Anatory Shipula, Manager

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